This is a personal blog all done by me. The opinions, thoughts and any other ramblings expressed here are mine and mine alone. No payment, in any form, was given to influence what I write here. Not even coffee and I LOVE coffee!

I do sometimes receive free items to sample and possibly review here in my bubble. I try to be honest and unbiased. Will I always be unbiased? I don't know, I am human. I will always state when an item was given to me for free. I trust that you, the reader, are intelligent enough to know when I am spouting bull or not.

When I suggest a store/etailer it is because I have purchased from them and not because they asked me to suggest them. I always try to suggest places that I have used for one reason or another. I like to think it is helpful.

I don't make money off this blog. In fact, I find I am spending more money because of this blog. There might come a day when I do have adds and such but right now this is my hobby. And what is a hobby without spending money on it?