Sephora + Pantone Universe Mini Graphic Effects Lacquers

Last year I bought the Tangerine Tango set and was not very happy with it. I loved the color but the formula and selection was blah. This year I thought I would be a bit happier because the color is Emerald. Yes! A deep luscious green is right up my alley. When I saw this set from Sephora I bought it because I love green and I'm a sucker that doesn't learn from past experience.  

This set has three mini bottles (0.3oz) with each color having a different finish: shimmer, metallic and glitter. The formula on all of them is gooey and gummy and needed thinner - a lot of thinner. I also question this green being called emerald. I find them too blue leaning to be what I call emerald and I would put them in the jade green category. The glitter is the closest to my version of emerald green. I suppose they are a shade of emerald green but I wanted that deep lush green of a gorgeous emerald stone. Hmph. 

Emerald Shimmer. This is more of a pearl finish and really reminds me of a creme de menthe color. It's very pretty, I admit, but the formula was fussy and not easy to worth with and this required 3/4 coats. I just don't see this as emerald. Does anyone else think the same? 

Emerald Metallic. This one is a big fail. It's a creme base with holo glitter but the holo sparkle is very, very faint. It essentially looks like it has tarnished silver glitter in a green base. It looks like a badly made franken. This is three coats. 

Emerald Glitter. This has a slightly tinted base with green glitter. The base is not tinted enough to be opaque but it's tinted enough that it would color a base color unless it was green. The best way to wear this would be over a green creme. This is four coats because I wanted to wear it alone. Nothing exciting and there are much better green glitters out there. 

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