Julie G Frosted Gum Drops Hot Cinnamon

I really like the textured trend going on in the polish world. I saw the Julie G Frosted Gum Drop collection and was kind of excited so I ordered it during the pre-sale that Jesse's Girl had online. They arrived and I was happy though I was amused that the special pre-order gift was some cheap toe separators. I gave them to Gus to play with and he acted like I gave him a brick of gold. 

I decided on Hot Cinnamon first since it looked amazing in the bottle and it translates just as well to the nail. It's a strawberry red with a matte texture finish but it also shimmers. The below is two coats and the application was good and it dried faster than I thought it would. 

Here it is in the shade and you can see the texture. Pardon the cuticles. 

Here it is a bit blurred so you can see the shimmer. It's so pretty!

Some normal shots. 

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