Zoya Pixie Dust Vespa

Zoya Pixie Dust collection is six polishes with a sugared matte finish. I love, love, love the finish and feel of them all. They are all matte but still sparkle. It really does look like you sprinkled really fine sugar onto your nails. Very cool. I was sent the collection for review and have had a chance to wear them all and each one was a huge pain in the ass to apply. They have a gooey gel like consistency and if you don't wait for the first coat to 100% settle you will get major dragging and balding. They take forever to dry if they dry completely at all. The brushes on all of them are really soft and wonky in some way which made applying them even more of an issue. 

I am a huge fan of the finish and feel of the Pixie Dust collection but I am not a fan at all of the formula or the brushes. I've seen the reviews for this collection on other blogs and I can't be the only one who got bad brushes and had issues with the formula. Maybe Zoya just hates me. I really hope another company comes out with this finish because I just can't work with the Zoya collection. I'm really, really glad I didn't pay for these. I highly suggest waiting for a sale. 

This is Vespa a soft green. It's three coats and the second application. I did use thinner - lots of it - but the formula was still a pain. 

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