HARE Polish Reverie in Rubellite

HARE Polish can be found on Etsy and at llarowe.

Reverie in Rubellite is a polish that looks great in the below photos but in "normal" light and life it looks like an ordinary golden red glitter. The burgundy/berry base doesn't really show nor do the little violet sparks that I can see hints of on the nail. It also looks heavy as opposed to smooth and sleek even though it is smooth to the touch. The formula is a little gooey and I had to dab on each coat and wait a bit before applying the next to avoid dragging/pooling. This is what I call a show polish in that it looks best in bright light but I have found that most HARE polishes are best in bright light or layered over another polish. 

I'm a little sad to discover that I am not a huge fan of HARE Polish. After playing with a number of polishes from HARE they seem to fall short in some way or another for me. Sad because I have a number of them and they look amazing in the bottle and in photos but they just don't look that way in reality. Ah well. 

The below is three coats with one coat of topcoat. The first photo is in my everyday low light and how I see this polish 90% of the time. The rest are under direct artificial sunlight. 

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