CQ Colors

I always see CQ off to the side in Rite Aid - like way off to the side and usually in some little corner. Like it is an evil step-child. Poor things! I found these and couldn't leave them there. They might have become sad so I brought them home. These are made by Scherer, Inc. who also make Petites and Chameleons. I have one of the Chameleons and like it! But I like duochromes.

These little inexpensive bottles are impressive. Also, they aren't that little. They are .4oz in size which is the same size as a bottle of Rescue Beauty Lounge. Three have new stickers on them so I am guessing they are new colors. They really wowed me. How come I don't hear more about this brand?!

Don't forget to click for a larger photo.

Tahitian Green is a shimmery teal. Three coats and no problems with pooling or bald spots. So pretty and very tropical looking. The first photo is color accurate.

Gem Green is a seafoam green holo! Awesome! The holo is soft and not in your face and so pretty and perfect for summer. Three coats and no issues at all with the formula.

Mystical is a vibrant and glowy grape purple with slight pink shimmer. It reminds me of car varnish with that smooth high gloss look. Two coats and no topcoat. The shine is all the polish! The glow reminds me of the glow China Glaze Frostbite has.

Silver Taupe didn't have a new sticker on it so I don't know if this is old or what. It's a sheer taupe with silver shimmer. I needed four coats, it is sheer, but I liked it. It's a nice "work" polish but it also looks great over a creme taupe. When I did that it reminded me of a taupe OPI Hollywood Blonde.

I have OPI Over the Taupe on my middle finger, second from the left.

Also, my cuticles aren't that big and thick in real life. It's the macro! I swear!

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Amy May 13, 2010 at 7:30 PM

I like gem green and silver taupe the best :)

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