Blog Sale and Update

First, I want to thank everyone who sent well wishes. They were appreciated like you wouldn't believe! Really! I finished chemo last month and I lived through it. Let me tell you - cancer is not as scary as the treatment. Oh holy hellballs! That stuff is potent. I lost my nose hair and that was amusing until clumps of hair from my head came out in the shower and on my pillow and on the kitchen floor. I had a lot of hair it seems. But it's over and now it's time to move the fuck on. WooHoo! 

I've been going through my nail polish because it makes me sad to see a majority not being used. I already have three large Priority Mail boxes full which kind of makes me feel a bit ill. Such waste. I am listing bottles as I get the energy and motivation. You can find my store here. So feel free to check it out! 

Again, thank you all for the wishes and thoughts. Now to grow my hair back - it's cold! I hope to get back into blogging but it may be a bit. I hope you all had a great holiday season!!! 

Unexpected Hiatus

I have the plague. Not really but I do have bronchial pneumonia and feel like utter shit. My nails have been without nail polish for about a week because I can't breath. I'm annoyed that I am sick because I can count on both hands the times I have been ill and it was always minor. I suppose I was due for something a bit more serious but still *pout*! I'm still buying polish though. Ha! 

So while I am being pissy and sick I won't be blogging. I actually cut all my nails off so I can try a new treatment. That should be fun! Remember - wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough and don't wipe your nose on your sleeve. 

Blog Love: Sharing is Caring

Blog Love! Here are some new to me blogs that I want to share. Please feel free to post your blog or a blog that you like in the comments. The more the merrier! 

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Ooh La Lacquer I'm A Matte 4 U

I was browsing Etsy and came across Ooh La Lacquer and the matte glitters. I really like matte glitters so I went for it because I seem to be easily swayed. Plus, the price is really nice at only $5 a bottle. They are very well made. I had no issue with the polish being thick or gooey which is sometimes an issue with these matte micro-glitter polishes. I also had great glitter payoff with just one coat. I'm very, very pleased. 

I'm A Matte 4 U is a combination of blue and pink matte glitter. This is one coat of over Essie Bond With Whomever. 

An extreme close up. It's sweet looking isn't it? Like candy. 

Normal photos. 

Butter London 2013 Summer Holiday Collection

I'm a fan of Butter London and I like that I can usually get them with a coupon code or through a sale. It makes the price tag a bit easier to swallow. I saw that b-glowing had the 2013 Summer Holiday collection and since I had a coupon I bought them. I am a bit iffy on the collection as a whole. They are all pretty but nothing new or exciting. I find it kind of boring especially considering the amazing holiday colors they recently released. I loved all of those but these not so much. I do like them but I suggest waiting for a sale if you do fall in love with one but I think these could be duped from other brands that are on the cheaper side. 

Bit Faker is an opaque mix of browns, bronze and orange/red glitter. This is one coat with topcoat. 

Bobby Dazzler is a pewter/tarnished silver with hint of a lilac undertone. It's very reflective and has a wonderful formula for a chrome polish. It wears well too. I wore this one for close to two days and except for the pointer finger it looks good. This is two coats but I could have done one easily. 

Champers is a champagne shimmer. It's a very flattering color on me. This is two coats. The second photo is blurred to show the shimmer better. 

Marbs is a bright gold shimmer. It looks oddly green toned on me in reality. I'm not the biggest fan of this one but I can see it looking amazing on someone with darker skintone - which is about 90% of the population. This is two coats. 

Poole is the odd man out with this collection. They are all metallic in nature except for Poole which is a dusty aqua creme. The formula is not perfect in that it doesn't self level completely. You can see some creasing in the below photos. The first photo is color correct. It reminds me of other dusty green/blue/aqua colors polishes. This is three coats. 

Sun Baker is a vibrant orange shimmer. I like this one! It's very juicy and bright and cheerful. This is two coats. 

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