Raffle Winners

The raffle is over and the winners have been contacted. Thank you to everyone who entered! It was greatly appreciated!

Winner of the OPI Designer Series Raffle

I want to thank everyone who entered the raffle for the OPI DS collection. You all helped raise $420 that will be going into my "Dad is Awesome" fund. Thank you all very much! The winner is Rosie from Arkansas. I hope they are enjoyed! 

Update - Raffle for the Entire OPI Designer Series Collection

First, I want to thank everyone for their well wishes, thoughts and condolences. I tried to respond to everyone who wrote but it got to be too much emotionally. I'm still in that angry phase which isn't really healthy but I'm working on it. I am proud of myself for not picking up a cigarette even though I really, really, really wanted one. *sigh* I miss smoking. So please consider this a public thank you to everyone who wrote. I do read them and sincerely appreciate them. You all have been so kind. 

The raffle for the entire OPI Designer Series collection is still active. I will contact the winner on September 1st and when I hear back from them I will announce it here on the blog. That means you have until September 1st to enter if want. The raffle post is here. The amount raised so far is $210 which is not too bad so thank you all who have entered. 

I have a question for you all -- I have a number of other HTF/Rare polishes that I am not using. Would you all be interested in another raffle that included them as a lot or as individual bottles. These are polishes that are truly HTF/Rare like Essie Starry, Starry Nights and a few Revlon Street Wears and other vintage polishes. I'd love your feedback. 

Again, thank you all for your thoughts and for entering the raffle

Gus says thank you as well. 

Letting Go...A Nail Polish Raffle for the Entire OPI Designer Series Collection

My Mom died on August 5th and it was a blow but more of a blow to my Dad. They were married 46 years and I can't imagine the feeling of loss he is experiencing. She was a vital part of both of our lives and the void she left is large. I loved my Mom very much so in her honor I am letting go. 

I decided to raffle off my entire collection of OPI Designer Series nail polishes. I have every color to date and that includes the Japan exclusives. There are 55 total since two were re-promotes and I will include a bottle of the topcoat. I'm not wearing them and I realized that I am only keeping them as some sort of nail polish trophy. I decided on a raffle because I just don't have the energy to sell them individually. I don't care if you win them and decide to sell them or paint your house or even eat them. I just want them to go to someone who will actually do something with them. Though please don't eat them - yuck!

All money raised is being used for my Dad. My parents talked of going on a cruise when they retired but that wasn't doable because of my Mom and her health. I think I will use this money towards sending him on one. I think he would really enjoy it and it would bring him some joy. So it's a good cause!! 

This raffle is open to everyone worldwide. For every dollar you give you will get one entry. If you share this raffle, and I really hope you do, on any other social media outlet I will give you two extra entries. So $1 gives you one entry, $10 gives you ten, $5 and you shared the link on your blog gives seven entries, etc. Makes sense? If you are interested just click the button below and enter and if you shared this raffle drop me a note at KMLLucidBubble@gmail.com (or if you have questions) and I will add it to the spreadsheet. I'll announce the winner on September 1st. 

I am not going to post individual photos of the bottles but here is some photos of them in the drawer. You can also check out some individual photos on my flickr account. A few of the caps have the silver rubbing off but they are all in really excellent condition. All are at least 93% full and none were used more than twice. 

Here is a list of all the colors you may win (DS034 and DS035 were repromotes): 

Shimmer - DS001
Shimmer JP - DS001JP
Exclusive - DS002
Exclusive JP - DS002JP
Original - DS003
Original JP - DS003JP
Couture - DS004
Couture JP - DS004JP
Divine - DS005
Divine JP - DS005JP
Elegance - DS006
Elegance JP - DS006JP
Signature - DS007
Signature JP - DS007JP
Chiffon - DS008
Chiffon JP - DS008JP 
Ruby - DS009
Luxury JP - DS009JP
Sapphire - DS010
Sapphire JP - DS010JP
Vintage - DS011
Vintage JP - DS011JP
Design - DS012
Design JP - DS012JP
Sensation - DS013
Dazzle - DS014
Perfection - DS015
Royal - DS016
Amethyst - DS017
Glamour - DS018
Passion - DS019
Desire - DS020
Diamond - DS021
Fantasy - DS022
Jewel - DS023
Treasure - DS024
Coronation - DS025
Extravagance - DS026
Reserve - DS027
Opulence - DS028
Tapestry - DS029
Reflection - DS030
Classic - DS031
Limited - DS032
Illuminate - DS033
Glow - DS036
Mystery - DS037
Radiance - DS038
Magic - DS039
Temptation - DS040
Bold - DS041
Indulgence - DS042
Luxurious - DS043
Pewter - DS044
Lapis - DS045

Unexpected Hiatus

I have the plague. Not really but I do have bronchial pneumonia and feel like utter shit. My nails have been without nail polish for about a week because I can't breath. I'm annoyed that I am sick because I can count on both hands the times I have been ill and it was always minor. I suppose I was due for something a bit more serious but still *pout*! I'm still buying polish though. Ha! 

So while I am being pissy and sick I won't be blogging. I actually cut all my nails off so I can try a new treatment. That should be fun! Remember - wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough and don't wipe your nose on your sleeve. 
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