American Apparel - Two Summer Colors

I purchased California Trooper and Malibu Green from American Apparel's new summer offerings because a green and a nude color are right up my alley. I think I am going to be one of the few who say this but they suck. Not the colors - those are great. The formula, oh man! It sucked so hard and so bad. It was goopey and stringy and thick and gave me bald spots. This was after adding thinner. Don't get me started on what they were like before thinner! I have a few of their colors from when they first launced and those are wonderful! Creamy and smooth with one coat. Not these.

Of course they arrived in a box with no bubble wrap. They were just thrown in there and it is only a minor miracle they weren't broken. My first order of polishes from them arrived the same way. I am thinking it wasn't the bottles that were breaking but the folks who packed them not doing a decent job.

Now colors are subjective to taste. I liked Malibu Green because it's green and I love all greens. I don't think it is unique but it's pretty. California Trooper is ugly on me and I kind of dig that but I won't reach for either because the formula SUCKS SO BAD!

Malibu Green. First photo is color accurate.

California Trooper. One photo because I couldn't stand to put it on more than three nails. It looked way worse in person. Bubbles, wrinkles and bald patches even after three coats. Blah!

Ah well, they can't all be perfect now can they?!

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