China Glaze Secret Periwinkle

I love this color. It's soft and oddly edgy. I decided to wear it with flowers. A little bit of spring on my fingers. I used Konad stamp M3 and M60.

Nubar Prize

I had to cut my nails, again. I had some time so I did some work for the parental unit. Which in parent speak means free labor. I was playing with a caulking gun and that never turns out pretty. I really am handy. *pats my own back* My nails suffered but I love caulking things!

I wanted a glittery holo without the work and Nubar Prize fits that bill. You get all the bling without the tons of layers of polish and/or top coat. It's a deep pink glittery holo. So pretty and a nice choice for the holiday season. The slightly dull look is from hand lotion. Opps!

Shopping Resource Page

I decided to add a Shopping Resource page on the right hand side --> See it? I thought it would be a good resource for me and anyone who is interested. You can always check it out if you are looking to spend some money. The great thing is that you can add links/places by leaving a comment. I'm in the US so the links I posted (and will continue to post) will be those that ship to the US. So all you folks outside the US please feel free to leave places that ship to your part of the world.

I hope this helps some folks besides myself. I'm looking forward to seeing some new places to check out.

GOSH Golden Dragon

GOSH Golden Dragon is the color I want my pet dragon to have but with holo edging. This is a a green with golden shimmer and touches of blue. It's vibrant and fresh without being too much.

Diamond Cosmetics Rubies & Diamonds

Sometimes a polish looks amazing in the bottle and doesn't translate to the nail. This one is amazing in the bottle AND on the nail. So pretty! The photos don't do this justice. It has glass flecks and it shimmers like glass. Yum!

Brucci In The Buff

Have you heard of Muffin? She picks nail polish for her human to wear. I like Muffin Mondays! You can see Muffin (and her human) at Let them have Polish!

I thought it would be fun to let one of my cats pick my polish like Muffin does. I pulled a few bottles out and lined them up on the floor. It didn't go very well. Lloyd decided to carry one away. Thom hit one like it was a hockey puck and it went flying across the room with him after it. Abigail sat on one like it was an egg she was trying to hatch. Alfred just hissed and grumbled. Bella and Sophie never woke up. *sigh* Damn cats ruining my fun.

I (and not the cats) decided on Brucci In The Buff. Ahh, a nice nude that looks good on me. Hmph, take that Grunge! It has a delicate pink shimmer. I don't even mind the visible nail line.

P.S. - Don't forget about the blog sale.

CND The Look of Love/Red Hot Set Swatches

I saw this on Transdesign and was really excited because I love the CND Effect polishes. I got it and played with it and I'm bummed! I am really disappointed in the set. The duo includes Just Red, a red creme, and Red Sparkle. I bought it just for the Red Sparkle and all it is is fine red glitter in a clear base. What?! That's it?! Where is the amazing sparkle that the other Effect polishes have? Where is the cool shimmer and possible shifting of colors? It's just red glitter! Blah! The red polish is a nice basic red creme that leans to the cool side. Double blah!

If you want some awesome red glittery polishes I suggest Models Own Scarlet Sparkle, China Glaze Ruby Pumps and Orly Star Spangled. And there are a number of others. I still love the other Effect polishes but I suppose every family needs a black sheep and this is the black sheep of the Effect line.

Here is Just Red.

Here is the basic red glitter that they call Red Sparkle. *growl*

Here is Red Sparkle (which is a glitter and not a sparkle) over Just Red.

Some combo photos.


Nail Art and Born Pretty

Born Pretty was kind enough to send me some goodies. First a word about the store itself. I have ordered from Born Pretty through Ebay in the past and had a wonderful experience. I don't like to recommend a place I personally don't have experience buying from but I can recommend Born Pretty. They have an amazing selection of nail art goodies. Well, I think so anyway. I would love to see them offer more stamp plates but they have gems, lashes, tools, paints and a bunch of other stuff. They also offer free shipping and ship worldwide. It's a fun site to browse that is for sure. I recently ordered some gold and silver foil so I can attempt to make my own gold flake topcoat.

When I was asked what I might like to sample I decided on some nail gems. I don't have the patience to work with gems but I felt that way about stamping and I love that (now) so I thought I would play with them. I have no experience to say if they are good or bad but they were easy to pick up and the container was easy to turn and it was secure. I dropped it and had a moment of horror but it stayed sealed. The gems stayed on really well with just clear polish and were really easy to remove. They didn't cloud up either after putting on topcoat. So, very nice!

Here are two manicures I did with some gems. I'm still very much an amatuer but once I got the hang of picking them up and placing them it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I think I may pick up some smaller gems to have around because I can see reaching for them on occasion.

Models Own Emerald City

This doesn't pack the punch for me that Scarlet Sparkle packs. Still really pretty and suprisingly easy to remove for a glitter. It's not a true emerald but more of a teal shade. I put this over a dark green polish but it could easily be worn alone.

China Glaze Rainstorm

Such a pretty color. A deep cornflower blue with subtle deeper blue sparkles and some shimmer. This is one of those colors that makes my nails look longer and bigger. It's magic!!

Diamond Cosmetics Hue Are You

Love this one. A golden burgundy foil.

Funky Fingers Holiday Glitters - The Other Two

Suck pretty sparkles!

Sugar Plum is a multi-colored glitter that leans red. Those little sparks of blue are from tiny pieces of holo glitter.

Blitzen is a green jelly with holo glitter. Hello! It's like a greener version of China Glaze Atlantis. WooHoo!!

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