Barielle Buddha-ful

I wanted something nude but not boring. I decided on Buddha-ful. It makes my nails look like they are covered in subtle gift wrapping. It also allows the staining to show through - ew!

China Glaze Magnetix in Attraction

I got my hands on the China Glaze Magnetix collection and wore Attraction first. I did play with most of them and I like the polish. They have a nice formula and the blending is really nice. No need to shake them forever to get everything mixed. I did find that that applying a thin coat of the polish and letting it dry before applying the second worked best. Too thick a coat and the design from the magnet isn't clear. As always, work one finger at a time since they dry fast.

I do find the magnet is the weak link in the collection. That is not a good thing since they are magnetic nail polishes and the magnet should be the star. It's not horrible but it could be a bit stronger. Nails Inc makes a fabulous magnet so I know it can be done. Doing thin layers of polish and holding the magnet for about 30 seconds is the trick. Still, I really wish the magnet was stronger. You can't replace the magnet because the magnet itself has the design. The plastic is just a holder. If you remove the magnet and replace it with a stronger one in that space you won't get a design. Ask me how I know this? *sigh* 

I predict that more and more brands will put out magnetic polish. I know Color Club is coming out with some and Nabi has a collection, Icing has them and some are popping up at Rite Aid. I've said this before but I want to see someone come out with patterns of magnets. We have the polish and now we need really great magnets. I've seen some on Ebay but I wonder how good they are. If you tried them please do let me know. 

Here is Attraction with the star pattern. I was just playing with placement but I do like the star off center. I cut my nails down as you can see. I slammed my pointer finger in a drawer. Ouch!

 Here it is matte which I think is neat.

Shopping Review: DermStore

Another store to tell you about and this one is pretty good too. I've ordered from DermStore a few times and always had a pleasant experience. All of my emails were answered and everything came well packed and pretty quick. They sell nail polish (Lippmann, Essie, Butter London) and a host of skincare items. The best thing is that there are a number of ways to get some savings.
  • Go through Mr. Rebates to get 10% back on your puchase.
  • Create an account. If you want an invite feel free to let me know and I can send you one and you will get a $10 give card to use on your first order. Sweet!
  • Go through the site and add things to your "My Favorites" list. I love window shopping! When you add items from your "My Favorites" list to your cart you get a 10% discount. This is not a one time discount either.
  • If you use a certain item that they sell a lot (like moisturizer or sunscreen) you can get your 5th refill free.
  • Free shipping on all orders to the US - sorry international folks. They do offer international shipping it's just not free.
  • If you like to write reviews you can and for each review you submit you will receive a 15% code to use toward your next purchase of that product.
  • They accept PayPal which I really like to use when shopping online. Helps me stay in budget. Sort of.
That's some good savings and the 10% "My Favorites" discount works on nail polish! I thought I would pass the word in case you were looking for a new place to check out. I really like them but the few chances to save a bit of money really appeals to me. And they send samples. I'm a sucker for samples.

*This post is done of my own free will with no compensation from DermStore*

Color Appreciation: Copper

A few more of my favorite copper polishes. I realized that as much as I love copper I don't have tons of them. If you know of one that I should check out please do let me know! Really! Enable me!

LA Girl Metal in Copper Alloy. This is so vibrant and rich.

LA Girl Rock Star in Crowd Surfing. This is a sheer green shimmer with copper flakes. This is one coat over Zoya Veruschka.

LA Girl Glitter Addict in Flash. A copper glitter over green. I do tend to wear green and copper together a lot.

Borghese Florentine Gold. They do really great metal colors! This is more golden copper and possibly cheating but it's so pretty.

Hope you enjoyed copper week! Thanks Laura for the idea. 

CND Effects in Copper Pearl

One of my favorite CND Effects. One coat over CND Green Scene and it reminds me of Orly Cool Cucumber which is an old Orly that I no longer have. Bummer. This gives a pinkish/reddish pearl overlay to the base color. Love it.

CND Copper Chrome

I don't know if I would call this a true copper. It leans gold with a hint of pink undertones. It's more of a golden copper. Great formula and it looks pretty cool with a matte topcoat.

Barielle Falling Star

Falling Star is not a true copper but it has copper glitter so it counts. I started applying this and realized it could use some thinner. It usually has a thinner formula. I tend to wear it over a creme but here it is alone.

OPI Take The Stage

I declare it copper week!

OPI Take the Stage is a stunner. I'm not the biggest fan of OPI but this a stunner!

Odd light but it shows the multi-colored sparkle this polish has running through it. 

Blog Love: Sharing is Caring

A few new blogs (to me) that I want to share. Feel free to share your finds and/or your blog in the comments.

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Nubar Black Polka Dot and White Polka Dot Combo

I was curious to see the two together so I layered them over a red creme.

Nubar Black Polka Dot

Black glitter. Yes, please. This is a more sparse and subtle cousin to LA Girl Uninhibited so there is room for both in my collection. You can get this at Harlow & Co or Ebay like I did. I wore this over Misa Grey Matters.

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