Red Carpet Lacquer Shelby

I'm a fan of Red Carpet Lacquer. She makes Clover which is one of my favorite glitter polishes. It's so awesome! She surprised me with a bottle of Shelby to try out. I had no idea it was coming so it took me a minute to realize that I didn't actually buy something while in a trance. I hate when that happens! 

You can find Red Carpet Lacquer on Facebook or her blog or her Etsy shop. I highly recommend her!

Shelby is part of the Reel Brides Collection which is three polishes inspired by movie brides. Shelby is inspired by Steel Magnolies. It's a combination of two different pinks in various sizes/shapes. It's very well made and the combination of the two glitters has a very nice balance. The formula is nice as well - no sinking, bleeding and no need to dig for glitter nor dabble the glitter onto the nail. It just glides on which is a huge plus. 

Close up bottle shot. Love these!

Here is one thick coat over Orly Snowcone.

Here is one thin coat over Essie Marshmallow. I really like it this way. It's soft and clean looking.

Disclosure: This polish was sent for review. 

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