Blog Sale!

I'm going through some of the drawers to my Helmers and weeding out some polishes. I'll be posting them for sale so if are interested please feel free to check them out. This batch is Zoya and Kleancolor. It's not that I don't like/love them it's just that I am not wearing them. Some have never been worn and some have been worn but none have been worn more than twice. It will be good to find them a new home. 

I always donate any money earned from my blog sales to various organizations. This blog sale will be different because all money earned will be going to my Mom to be used for her medical expenses. She is on dialysis and has congestive heart failure and, even with insurance, it is not cheap. So all money will be going toward the care and feeding of my Mom. 

Any questions feel free to contact me or leave a comment. 

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